The Lightning Void

I wonder how the first communication between two humans went. I’d like to imagine it was a fearful scream, or perhaps a moan-like greeting, however I understand this is something we could never have kept in our history. Communication is a fleeting thing in this way, or at least it was until mankind took it’s communication out of sound waves and installed it into electronics. The industrial revolution changed shit, Duh! The Technological Revolution will change even more shit. Usually this is where I would babble nonsensically and over use colloquial idioms and analogies to support my point, but there’s no reason for argument this time. I think it’s fairly obvious that the internet has changed from being a part of the world, to a position where it is now molding the world.

As the internet changes the world, it will simultaneously change the way we, humans, view our home. You can literally see Mount Everest, or the Leaning Tower, the pyramids of Giza and Yucatan, the vast expanses that are the deserts of the world, all of it, without ever opening as much as a doorway (as long as you have internet access…but this is not a political article). This expands our view on the world, and makes what was once enormous, seem much smaller.
Technology moves fast. Really fucking fast. The computer I am using both looks and feels ancient, and it’s only 7 years old. What will happen in the next 7 years? Communication will get faster, and we will talk to each other more.  I, for one, am excited to download my brain onto the internet and live forever in The Lightning Void…where all human knowledge and understanding can be found. A boy can hope, right?


-Sweaty Action


Bitcoin Rich!

Over the course of the last few weeks, droves of articles about Bitcoin have surfaced.bitcoin-logo-3d  Many of the articles have made claims that bitcoin has grown in value by an astronomical amount (a Fuck Ton). I hope to express my understanding of this phenomenon, and illuminate my flat out lack of understanding as to why this cryptocurrency is so popular.  First, we will look at the numbers, followed by my reckless attempt to make sense of what Bitcoin is and whether or not it is truly valuable..

Disclaimer: all numbers used are from a quick google search, so if you wish to argue against the credibility of a google answer, you can go fuck yourself with a douche​ behind your local grocery store.  Here are the numbers: July 2010 the value of a single Bitcoin was 0.08 US dollars, while today one Bitcoin is valued at 2335.88 US dollars.  With the help of my ROI calculator, it can be quickly disseminated that the Annual compounded rate is 334.34 % (If you do not understand compounding interest google it and i hope it changes your life).  $1000 US dollars could buy 12,500 Bitcoin in July 2010.  Today, 12,500 Bitcoin has a value of $29,198,500.  I’ve been examining markets for a large portion of my life, and this is by far the largest growth I’ve seen.  What the fuck is Bitcoin, and why does it warrant that value and growth?

Bitcoin is defined as a cryptocurrency, meaning it is an encrypted piece of code that represents one coin.  These coins, much like the coins jangling in your pocket, represents a value.  New coins are fabricated via a mining process, a process using such sophisticated programming that a supercomputer is a necessity.  New coins are produced at a slower rate (compared to The Fed).  At the moment, Bitcoins can be used as a currency in a multitude of outlets, however it’s most common usage is in black market deals over the dark web (scary, dark, deep, not for internet beginners).  Bitcoin is a safe way to pay anonymously for services or products, things like drugs, murder for hire and child pornogrophy in case you were curious.

If bitcoin is a currency, I see one very obvious problem to its efficiency as a currency: For a market to run properly a currency must inflate causing a depreciation in value compared to goods and services over time.  This is why we remember products being much more inexpensive decades ago. This creates a rather large issue, why would anyone spend their currency today if it is going to be more valuable tomorrow, and in this case a lot more valuable? As a currency, this lacks fundamental logic.

What makes this thing so valuable?  What is it’s intrinsic value?  Why is that intrinsic value growing so fast?  These are the questions I’ve been grappling with, and even with my extensive knowledge of wrestling, I can’t seem to find a reasonable answer.  It appears to increase in value because it increases in value, similar to the way that Paris Hilton and Kim K are famous because they’re famous.  To the best of my knowledge, this is an assumption that can not last the test of time.

In conclusion, I admit my incapacity of bitcoin.  I may be overlooking the key that makes this phenomenon reasonable.  To the best of my ability, my analysis of Bitcoin is that it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

  • El Tiburon

What is the worlds best beer?

I can still remember my first beer.  It sucked.  I couldn’t understand how or why people liked drinking this piss water.  That’s because I was drinking America’s shittiest brew, Budweiser (currently owned by Austrians and Germans).  Since then, I’ve tried an innumerable amount of beers from all over the world and I even tried to drink all of the beer in Germany, which I now know is not possible.  Whether your favorite brew is a Lager, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, I.P.A, Porter, Stout, Blonde, or any other iteration of this fine beverage, it is quite clear that the best beer in the world is the beer you drink in the presence of friends.

p.s Thank you for your service



Is Kendrick Lamar the G.R.O.A.T?

Disclaimer:  We are fans, and we are subjective.  We also use words like Fuck, Shit, Ass, Ostentatious, advantageous, extrapolation, etc…

Quite clearly, this is one of the most polarizing subjects;  Who is the Greatest Rapper Of All Time (G.R.O.A.T)?  2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, MF Doom, Jay Z, NAS, Common.  These are the usual suspects.  It’s time Kendrick became part of the discussion.


Kendrick Lamar (K.), has the three things you need to be considered for the role of G.R.O.A.T. 1. Popularity and Success 2. Technical Proficiency and Innovation 3. Feeling.  You already know who Kendrick is, and you probably know he sold a shit ton of albums, so the first key point is almost obligatory (google billboard top 100 Kendrick).  Kendrick’s rhyme scheme, story-telling, poeticism, assonance and alliteration, and conviction are each in the 90th percentile of Hip Hop.  Kendrick’s ability to create a universal unification with words causes an empathetic, dare I say, religious experience.

For the first time in Hip Hop, specifically popular music stemming from Hip Hop, we the people are finally witnessing the rise of a “Conscious Rapper”.  Mr. Lamar essentially preaches with each exhale.  When it comes down to brass tax,  I identify with Kendrick, and that’s enough for me to proclaim his G.R.O.A.T status.

  • Sweaty Action and El Tiburon