Is Steve Kerr the next Phil Jackson?

Winning an NBA championship is not easy.  Trace back all the way to 1949, when the BAA and the NBL merged, and you can count the number of Championship winning coaches. 30. In 69 years, only 30 coaches have won at the biggest stage in the game of basketball.  Even further, of those 30 humans, 14 have won multiple championships.


Steve Kerr became head coach of the Golden State Warriors before the 2014 season.  At the end of his first coaching season, he walked away with a championship ring.  Season 2 sees his team break the record for wins in a season, a record he helped create with his own 97-98 Bulls.  That year the Warriors finished 73-9.  Despite losing the finals, Kerr was able to make a key trade to clear cap space, and sign a future finals MVP in Kevin Durant.

Mr Kerr just won his 2nd NBA championship in the last 3 years, but does that mean it’s time to start screaming Phil Jackson at the top of our lungs?  I think not.  We can start comparing him to some of the other coaching greats, but not until he’s won 10, which surpasses Red Auerbach (If you don’t know Red, you don’t know basketball), should we truly begin the chatter.

Hats off to the Warriors of San Francisco on a fantastic season.  It’s always bittersweet when a champion is crowned, as we’ll now have to wait until October 20th until the Gladiators of the NBA return.



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