Just in case/What’s in a name?

Just in case

So I’ve been working on the blog for a few weeks now, and I don’t think our readers really understand what our goal is.  I’m here to fuckin’ clear that up.  You see, when Sweaty and Shark created this blog (I was there, just passed out from a wild cocaine and vodka infused party the night before) they wanted to do one thing; get other people to pay for their obvious alcoholism.  Honestly, between the two of them they probably consume a fucking keg of beer and 2 handles of scotch every week, so why not try to get other people to buy their booze?

For the record, I drank too much coffee before I wrote this, so fuck off.


What’s in a name?

So, CRX thought it would be “dope af fam” if we all touched on our goals and aspirations for the blog.  Apprehensively, I agreed.  El Tiburon did not.  He’s too busy working his investment wizardry and staring at numbers right now, so he gets a pass.

I gently dabbled in poetry and short story writing during my years in school, but never truly used writing as an outlet for creativity.  Music, and the action of creating sound was always much more exciting.  

Then it happened.  One day, an epiphany arose from my gut and jumped through my teeth “Let’s start a blog, and see if the people of the interwebs will give us money for beer”.  It may seem that our goals are simple, but it’s this true form of simplicity that has been a therapeutic massage to my conscious.  

Please send beer money.


-Sweaty Action


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