Holy Shit! We’re going to Mars.



When I was a child my father would often watch old reruns of Star Trek. Immediately the flashing lights and awe of space caught my imagination. I have strong recollections of laying awake at night pondering the final frontier. These were simply the pipe dreams of a boy too hopeful to grow up. Space exploration had rapidly declined decade after decade, and peaked in the 1960s. My dream of adventuring to far off worlds became just that, a dream. There is, however, one man that chooses not to accept that my dream is dead, and is blazing a path to make it reality. His name…is Ol Musky!

Elon Musk, founder and C.E.O of SpaceX, is determined to build a routine transportation system to Mars. Musk argues that this is the only way to ensure human survival far into the future. Musk understands that over a long enough time span, the probability of a disaster wiping the world clean of humans is high. This is why we, humans, must become a multi planet species, thus increasing our probability of survival. Ok, enough of my bullshit, onto the coolshit.

Musk believes within the next two to three decades we can colonize Mars with 1 million people. With about a million of us, terraforming the planet to create a habitable environment becomes more likely. Elon plans on doing this by lowering the cost of space travel to $200,000, making the one-way ticket achievable for more people than the current estimates of well over a million dollars. When this happens, we will experience a modern colonization of the Americas.

For this goal to take hold and become reality, a multitude of discrepancies need to be met with innovation. Musk has begun the process of bringing down the price of space travel by reusing rockets and building larger, more efficient rockets. His plan to get to mars includes a rocket the size of a forty floor skyscraper. If that’s not cool, I beg to know, what is?

Human Beings of Earth, we are going to colonize mars. Many doubt Elon Musk, but I have learned not to bet against him. I remember a time not so long ago when people told me electric cars were not cool, that electric cars would never be a thing, that an electric car company would never be able to compete with the German elite. Willing to bet those same people can’t take their eyes of a Model S as it quietly floats by.

-El Tiburon


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