California? No doubt about it.

          “I was fuckin’ upset.  It was the last day, and I had to go to Disneyland.  I didn’t want to wait for tomorrow.  This is one of the many reasons I truly hate Disney.  Missing the X-Games, then being forced into Disney, forever changed me.  I blame my family.  All I wanted to see was extreme sports.  Unfortunately, I got to watch them tear down the ramps, and subsequently my dreams…”


A few years later…   

“21 now.  Driving to Fontana for a concert.  Life is cool, I’m stoned.  I get to the hotel and buy a bunch of booze beforehand in preparation.  Drinking.  Drunk.  Too much cocaine.  Girlfriend has heart attack (I didn’t find out until 6 years later), and survives.  Concert is fun.  Is this California?”

    4 years later…

        Me and B went to Cali, hanging my buddy’s roommate, also my cousin, who tries to give me molly.  I’m not into it, but he is too persuasive and he talks me into it.  I ingest in front of cousin whom later realizes I took drugs, and she (B) is a bit mad.  I drink lots of water, and feel great that night.  While we were out, my cousin (who gave me the drugs) went and did a ton of other drugs and had to call an ambulance due to how obliterated he was because of the hallucinogens.  I literally remember nothing negative about the night, but my cousin reminded me of the strange instances that occurred…she saw it, and I knew this because I don’t like being touched.”


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