Poor people.

When you know how to stack it, you can move a lot of shit.

– The Shark


California? No doubt about it.

          “I was fuckin’ upset.  It was the last day, and I had to go to Disneyland.  I didn’t want to wait for tomorrow.  This is one of the many reasons I truly hate Disney.  Missing the X-Games, then being forced into Disney, forever changed me.  I blame my family.  All I wanted to see was extreme sports.  Unfortunately, I got to watch them tear down the ramps, and subsequently my dreams…”


A few years later…   

“21 now.  Driving to Fontana for a concert.  Life is cool, I’m stoned.  I get to the hotel and buy a bunch of booze beforehand in preparation.  Drinking.  Drunk.  Too much cocaine.  Girlfriend has heart attack (I didn’t find out until 6 years later), and survives.  Concert is fun.  Is this California?”

    4 years later…

        Me and B went to Cali, hanging my buddy’s roommate, also my cousin, who tries to give me molly.  I’m not into it, but he is too persuasive and he talks me into it.  I ingest in front of cousin whom later realizes I took drugs, and she (B) is a bit mad.  I drink lots of water, and feel great that night.  While we were out, my cousin (who gave me the drugs) went and did a ton of other drugs and had to call an ambulance due to how obliterated he was because of the hallucinogens.  I literally remember nothing negative about the night, but my cousin reminded me of the strange instances that occurred…she saw it, and I knew this because I don’t like being touched.”

“Money and stuff, that don’t matter!”

    “This mother fucker thinks they can tell me what to do?  Don’t they fuckin’ know I could go to every god damn person in this building and shit on their fuckin’ stupid parade?  My girlfriend bitched me out at the stupid ass Jack in the Box parking lot, telling me I never take her anywhere special.  Dumb ass bitch”


    And this is the kind of dialogue Sweaty and I deal with from CRX…weekly.  Please have some respect young man.


-El Tiburon

Holy Shit! We’re going to Mars.



When I was a child my father would often watch old reruns of Star Trek. Immediately the flashing lights and awe of space caught my imagination. I have strong recollections of laying awake at night pondering the final frontier. These were simply the pipe dreams of a boy too hopeful to grow up. Space exploration had rapidly declined decade after decade, and peaked in the 1960s. My dream of adventuring to far off worlds became just that, a dream. There is, however, one man that chooses not to accept that my dream is dead, and is blazing a path to make it reality. His name…is Ol Musky!

Elon Musk, founder and C.E.O of SpaceX, is determined to build a routine transportation system to Mars. Musk argues that this is the only way to ensure human survival far into the future. Musk understands that over a long enough time span, the probability of a disaster wiping the world clean of humans is high. This is why we, humans, must become a multi planet species, thus increasing our probability of survival. Ok, enough of my bullshit, onto the coolshit.

Musk believes within the next two to three decades we can colonize Mars with 1 million people. With about a million of us, terraforming the planet to create a habitable environment becomes more likely. Elon plans on doing this by lowering the cost of space travel to $200,000, making the one-way ticket achievable for more people than the current estimates of well over a million dollars. When this happens, we will experience a modern colonization of the Americas.

For this goal to take hold and become reality, a multitude of discrepancies need to be met with innovation. Musk has begun the process of bringing down the price of space travel by reusing rockets and building larger, more efficient rockets. His plan to get to mars includes a rocket the size of a forty floor skyscraper. If that’s not cool, I beg to know, what is?

Human Beings of Earth, we are going to colonize mars. Many doubt Elon Musk, but I have learned not to bet against him. I remember a time not so long ago when people told me electric cars were not cool, that electric cars would never be a thing, that an electric car company would never be able to compete with the German elite. Willing to bet those same people can’t take their eyes of a Model S as it quietly floats by.

-El Tiburon

Just in case/What’s in a name?

Just in case

So I’ve been working on the blog for a few weeks now, and I don’t think our readers really understand what our goal is.  I’m here to fuckin’ clear that up.  You see, when Sweaty and Shark created this blog (I was there, just passed out from a wild cocaine and vodka infused party the night before) they wanted to do one thing; get other people to pay for their obvious alcoholism.  Honestly, between the two of them they probably consume a fucking keg of beer and 2 handles of scotch every week, so why not try to get other people to buy their booze?

For the record, I drank too much coffee before I wrote this, so fuck off.


What’s in a name?

So, CRX thought it would be “dope af fam” if we all touched on our goals and aspirations for the blog.  Apprehensively, I agreed.  El Tiburon did not.  He’s too busy working his investment wizardry and staring at numbers right now, so he gets a pass.

I gently dabbled in poetry and short story writing during my years in school, but never truly used writing as an outlet for creativity.  Music, and the action of creating sound was always much more exciting.  

Then it happened.  One day, an epiphany arose from my gut and jumped through my teeth “Let’s start a blog, and see if the people of the interwebs will give us money for beer”.  It may seem that our goals are simple, but it’s this true form of simplicity that has been a therapeutic massage to my conscious.  

Please send beer money.


-Sweaty Action

Wanna Shroom on Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality gaming is happening.  The idea has tried and failed for years, until companies like Sony, Facebook, Samsung, and Microsoft started throwing millions at it.  Of course, consumer demand drives technology, and people surely want to have the Virtual Experience.

I haven’t tried VR (Virtual Reality) yet.  I badly want to, but who has 500 bucks for glasses that show you the internet?  Not me.  When I think of the things I want to experience with/on VR, the first and only thing that comes to mind is Psilocybin.  

Psilocybin is a psychedelic compound found in over 200 species of fungus, and is found in just about every country on earth where plants grow (this clearly excludes Antarctica).  Ingestion of psilocybin is essentially the cost of opening your 3rd eye.  

This got me thinking.  Thinking about VR and Shrooms.  I want to eat psilocybin and explore the newest reality on the internet, Virtual Reality.  Also, I want to thank Pabst Brewing Company for creating our beverage for the day.


  • CRX

Is Steve Kerr the next Phil Jackson?

Winning an NBA championship is not easy.  Trace back all the way to 1949, when the BAA and the NBL merged, and you can count the number of Championship winning coaches. 30. In 69 years, only 30 coaches have won at the biggest stage in the game of basketball.  Even further, of those 30 humans, 14 have won multiple championships.


Steve Kerr became head coach of the Golden State Warriors before the 2014 season.  At the end of his first coaching season, he walked away with a championship ring.  Season 2 sees his team break the record for wins in a season, a record he helped create with his own 97-98 Bulls.  That year the Warriors finished 73-9.  Despite losing the finals, Kerr was able to make a key trade to clear cap space, and sign a future finals MVP in Kevin Durant.

Mr Kerr just won his 2nd NBA championship in the last 3 years, but does that mean it’s time to start screaming Phil Jackson at the top of our lungs?  I think not.  We can start comparing him to some of the other coaching greats, but not until he’s won 10, which surpasses Red Auerbach (If you don’t know Red, you don’t know basketball), should we truly begin the chatter.

Hats off to the Warriors of San Francisco on a fantastic season.  It’s always bittersweet when a champion is crowned, as we’ll now have to wait until October 20th until the Gladiators of the NBA return.


Best Start Young

It has long been a custom of mine to end a day of hardship and mischief with a cold brew.  I can think of no better way to end a day then to throw back a Tucson Soda, or any other of my beloved barley beverages.  This brings me to think, when did I have my first beer? Was it the day I graduated high school and went streaking inebriated with a beautiful female? No.  Looking back deep into my memory I begin to remember an exciting event of my childhood. My first memory of drinking beer.

My father, like me, also indulged in the ritual of a cold beer at the end of the day.  It appears the apple has not fallen far from the tree.  I can close my eyes and see him, sitting back in his recliner in front of the T.V, sucking down a cold 32oz beer.  As a youngster I followed, watched, and mimicked my father’s every move.  It is no surprise that I would emulate this action in the future. Hell, I’m literally drinking a beer right now as I write this.  This brings me to my first memory of drinking my favorite fermented libation.

One fateful evening, my dad is enjoying his customary 32 oz. beverage after a hard day at work in the coal mines.  He typically drinks until his eyes close, and drifts off to sleep. Watching my father fall asleep, I notice he left his bottle open next to his chair.  I proceed to walk over, put the bottle to my lips, and ingest. The flavor was shocking. Most people don’t like beer on their first attempt. Not me, not me at all. Safe to say I’ve loved beer since the very beginning.

– El Tiburon